Dollz Rulez

♥ - My dollz may only be used for the purpose of "adoption," meaning you can display it on your site/blog/tumblr so long as you link very clearly and near the doll a link back to my site!
♥ - Do not use parts of my dollz to make your own.
♥ - Do not adopt anything marked as "unadoptable"
♥ - Please do not reupload my dollz in the form of a post (I.E. a post on Tumblr) without my explicit permission.
♥ - Do not Direct-Link any of my images. Please upload to your own server. (Imgur/St.ash are your friends!)

Basez Rulez

I don't have any bases up right now but....
♥ - If you use my bases to make your own dollz, you must link back to my website very clearly near the doll.
♥ - If you upload the dollz you make on DeviantArt, you may alternatively link back to my DA, @SugarVampDollz
♥ - Do not use parts of my base to make your own.
♥ - Please credit me if you make a base inspired by mine.
♥ - If you make an edit you would like to share, please do not upload it. Instead, send it to me (via DA note or to and I will upload it with the base set here.
♥ - Please do not publicly redistribute or display my bases anywhere. Sending privately to your friends is fine as long as they know my link, and you give them my terms.
♥ - My bases may not be used to make dollz for monetary gain or DA points. You may use them to sell dollz for forum currency, such as Gaia Platinum, Neopoints, etc.
♥ - You are expressly forbidden to use my bases to depict sexual assault of minors/animals or any form of bigotry such as racism, lgbtq+phobia, etc!!

Thankz!! ♥

My website is not a graphics collection site. It is, informally, a portfolio. Please respect my work as an artist. I appreciate your support, and thank you so much for reading the rules~ -xoxo