About the Artist

Name Sean
AKA Clamo
DOB April 15, 1994
Pronouns Xe / He / They
Location Denton, TX
I'm super bad at making profiles!!! Basically I'm a freelance Digital and Pixel artist, and I do pixel dollz as a hobby cos it helps me unwind! I start doing pixel dollz in 2006, when I was 11 or 12ish, and made my first website, Vanilla Icee (my original psuedonym was Vanilla Knight) on Freewebs.com.

The oldest doll I still have saved, base by Shouri.

I have gone by a handful of names and have had a handful of websites, but if you recognize me at all, it's probably as Vanilla/VK of Vanilla's Secret Lab! So....if you see something you gave to her saved on here, don't worry! It's still me! (Yes I'm a boy now!! LOL >w<)

I love!!! :)

I hate... :(

Hello Kitty
Animal Crossing
Hatsune Miku!!
Bones & Specimens
Gore, Popping, Earwax, Etc
Weeeeeeddddd lmaoooo
Vinyl Dolls & Designer Toys
Anime and Manga
TES III: Morrowind
My cats and my partner~!!
Anything cutesy!!
Anything creepy!!
Biting silverware
Bugs touching me!!!
Mint... especially mint toothpaste!
Drinking room temp water
Raw tomatoes
Small children
Country music (except Dolly Parton!!)
Gamer culture >_<
Cringe culture! Let me RAWR xD
Ppl who pick on young artists!! >:(
Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc...

About the Site

SugarVampDollz was started in December 2019 and released in November 2020. The goal of making this website has been to try to embrace some of the old magic of the early 2000s pixel doll culture, between the era of the rise and fall of Myspace and the eldritch horror known as Facebook. Back then, everyone had their own website, be it a shrine to their favorite pop star, a Petz 4 page for their custom Petz, a personal collection of LOLZ RANDOMNESS, or...my favourite part: Pixel Dollz!! I hope my website inspires you, whether you think you want to make your own site, or if you missed that era of internet history and wanted to recapture the magic! Please don't be afraid to express yourself!! ♥